Our guide on how to prepare your home to get the best possible results

At Casa Photo we always aim to capture the best images at every property we attend so we ask that prior to your appointment the property is prepared for your photo shoot.

We typically spend 1-2 hours at each property so if we are spending most of this time preparing each room it will inhibit our chances to achieve the best results. Below are some suggestions as to how we like the rooms to be prepared for the most productive shoot.


Kitchens are one of the most important internal photos we take as kitchens are the heart of the home in modern life.

Please try to keep work surfaces clear where possible.

In the case of Show homes, staging may be used to demonstrate a homely feel. Staging is a great way to help potential buyers imagining their life in this new home.

It is common practice for us to remove bins, tea towels and washing up bowls as part of our staging process when we attend your property.


We all collect vast amounts of grooming products in modern life but do they need to be on display in the home?

These are a little like the aforementioned cleaning products. We usually recommend keeping a few high-end products on show in strategically placed areas.

The rule of threes is useful in this situation. Grouping products in threes around the bathroom helps to infuse space with a lived-in feel for a genuinely purposeful narrative.

Again in the bathrooms it is common practise for us to remove bins, toilet roll and towels from the room as part of our staging process. Towels are great to add a flash of colour to a room but no matter how precisely ironed they are, do they give us the same information as a crisp chrome towel rail?

When scrolling through Right Move, the one distraction we see in more property photos than anything is dressing gowns on the back of the bathroom door, it is not always visible to the eye at a glance but 9 time out of 10 you will see them in the reflection from the mirrors.


We always aim to make bedrooms feel like a place you can relax so it is important to show these off in their best light. We suggest removing any night clothes from under pillows or on the back of the doors. Hide away any hair dryers or similar too if possible.

Windows should be emphasised to their most prominent sizes so we always aim to get the curtains to their maximum width whilst maintaining a natural symmetry.

It is preferred that any net curtains are removed prior to our visit as we like to demonstrate the view from all windows where possible. Symmetry is also key with pillows and scatter cushions. We are all for a splash of colour so do not think you have to remove these.


Similarly to bedrooms and kitchens we spend a lot of time in the reception room at home so this is another key image to capture. We always suggest maximising space in these rooms so moving large sofas and chairs a little closer to the walls will always aid our images in displaying ample space.

Again we prefer net curtains to be removed in advance to allow the views from all windows to be displayed when possible. Our photographers will ask to move any remote controls and tissue boxes as part of our onsite staging process but we like to make sure they are returned to their original location so no frustration is caused.


External images should demonstrate the character and situation of your property.

We would recommend freshly cut grass as this is always a winner and our photographers will always ask if you can move any vehicles from the drive and any bins that are visible as we really want to maximise the outside space in our images.

Please remember these are only suggestions, we just want to maximise the potential of our appointment.

Feel free to ask our photographers any questions you may have about their visit.

If you really love the results, please ask you Estate Agent for a copy of the images as a memento of your time in your property.

We wish you the best of luck in your sale and search for your next home.